The Golden Goose Deluxe brand is a newer brand to Azure and I am so excited to tell you more about it! Here is some background on the company. The Golden Goose brand began in 2000, the two young designers who started this brand were Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. Golden Goose has made a name and lifestyle for itself, which includes, ready to wear, footwear and accessories. They are rugged and vintage yet they have a modern look, they are definitely like no other. Each shoe is handmade in Italy. “…they distress it by hand to create the kind of scuffs that'd take you years to make yourself, and finish the sneaks in color combos no one else has thought of. The result is a luxury item perfectly beaten up with “age.” says a GQ article. There are two locations in Italy where these shoes are made. Since Golden Goose shoes are handmade that does mean that each pair fits differently. That is what makes them different from all the other sneakers. 


These sneakers are so comfortable! Golden Goose sneakers can be worn with so many different outfits. Dress them up and dress them down. Wear them with a cute summer dress or skirt and top. Have a party, date, event? Running errands, or traveling, pair them with your favorite joggers, set, or even your favorite tee and leggings. So many different patterns and colors, each pair is so unique. These shoes are far from the normal sneaker. Some of these sneakers have bright colors and patterns which make them flashy, while others have more neutral colors. These sneakers are something different that can spice up your closet.


The sneaker trend is growing, so many people are wearing formal outfits with fun sneakers. I totally understand why, it is much more comfortable than wearing heels all the time. Is the sneaker collection in your closet growing? There are so many examples on social media and we have been seeing celebrities wearing sneakers with all types of outfits. Stop on in to grow your sneaker collection with the perfect pair of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand here at Azure. 

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