Sweater Weather Year-Round

Sweater Weather Year-Round

With summer just around the corner, you may already be swapping out your sweaters for tanks and tees. We are always so eager to remove any sign of colder winter days from our closets. But, that doesn't have to be the case anymore. Here at Azure we have stunning cashmere and cotton sweaters that can be styled year-round. 

Naadam, an amazing and sustainable brand offers the highest quality cashmere sweaters. In Mongolia's Gobi desert, they closely work with herders to produce ultra-soft cashmere products. While doing so, they are cruelty free and make sure that proper ethical conditions are placed when working with the animals. What more is there to love? The prices range anywhere from $99 to $395, due to the cashmere being superlative quality. When it comes to the washability, it can be washed in a laundress wool and cashmere shampoo that we carry. It is important to stay away from bleach and lay flat too dry, to ensure that your cashmere sweater stays in the best condition possible.

This Naadam Seafoam Lilac Sweater may not be the first thing you would grab when heading out the door to go to the beach. But a beautiful and colorful cashmere sweater like this makes the perfect swimsuit cover-up. With Cashmere fibers being hollow, it immediately allows for a lighter and softer material, making a cashmere sweater an ideal coverup. Instead of reaching for that sandy, damp towel to keep you warm after swimming, reach for a cozy and chic cashmere sweater to bring high fashion to the beach. 

Brodie, a British brand, offers both luxurious cashmere and cotton clothing. Very similar to Naadam, they source their cashmere from Mongolia and practice ethical production with long term sustainability. They are known for accenting their pieces with vibrant pops of color and distinctive prints. Unlike Naadam, Brodie carries a line called The Cotton Silk Collection. This collection features tie dyed tees, leopard prints, and every color of the rainbow. The Cotton Silk Collection is all about the soft-hand feel while also being lightweight. This collection has prices that range between $100 and $140 and should be washed inside out on cold.

The Brodie Sophia Dip Dye Hot Pink Sweater just happens to be part of The Cotton Silk Collection. The tie dye print is extremely on trend right now and goes perfect with the feel of summer. Instead of continuously pairing a sweater with jeans or leggings, try putting it over a slip dress. Not only will this take your look to the next level, it gives off a high fashion appeal. Adding a sweater rather than a jacket creates a more complete look and keeps you cozy for those chillier summer nights. So the next time you want to wear a neutral slip dress for a night out, add the Brodie Sophia sweater on top for that extra pop of color. 

 Now when you're ready to swap out your winter clothes for your summer clothes, you can leave all of your sweaters behind. Using a cashmere sweater as a swimsuit coverup or a cotton sweater as an extra statement over a dress, is an innovative way to make the most out of your wardrobe. And don't forget, sweater weather is year-round. 



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