Almost everyone finds ultimate enjoyment when it comes to shopping at their favorite stores. There is nothing better than immersing yourself in a room full of clothes that fit your style perfectly. Actually, there is something better. When the clothes that you have been eyeing up for the past couple of weeks or even months move to the sale. Mark your calendars because DEC 17th is the start of our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale. Here at Azure, our sale consists of a variety of pieces from the brands you love and for a great deal. 

You may be wondering why certain pieces end up in the sale. The word "sale" can tend to have a negative connotation. Usually people think the reason a piece went on sale was because there was something wrong with it or no one liked it. However, this is not the case with the majority of sale items and here is why:

Changing Seasons

When the seasons change, certain items will go on sale that don't particularly fit that season anymore. That doesn't mean those items had anything wrong with them, it means that there are new arrivals that are ready to be sold for the current season. This is a perfect way to grab your favorite coat that you have been wanting but couldn't get yourself to buy when it was in season at its full price. Also, if an item goes on sale it is very possible that it was the last item left from that season. This just makes that piece more valuable!

Make overlooked items more noticeable

Most stores have those brands or items that always sell out quickly and that everyone is aware of. These brands or items tend to take the spotlight and sometimes leave other pieces in the dark. These pieces are usually the ones that once people find out about or notice, they end up absolutely loving them. Putting these items on sale and giving them a little more notice is a great way to make more people aware of all that the store has to offer.

 A special treat to the customers

Items going on sale can be a way to say thank you to your customers. Its always nice to throw in a sale price here and there to remind your customers that you appreciate them taking the time to come into your store and shop with you. Everyone loves a good sale price so when they notice there are sale items, it's quite exciting.

Taking advantage of a sale is the best way to shop more for less. Shopping more for less is perfect for buying gifts for birthdays and the holidays. It's also a great way to buy items that may no longer be available in the stores they came from.

Come shop our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale that only happens twice a year where you can shop your favorite brands for a fraction of the cost. After all, everyone loves a good sale!



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