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Investing in your capsule wardrobe is the best way to curate a classic wardrobe of items that will always be in style and are worth the investment. Your capsule wardrobe will create look after look for many seasons to come.

Veronica Beard Blazer

A best-seller season after season, the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Blazer is a perfect piece to add to your closet. Versatile with a comfortable and flexible fit, delivers a polished look with every wear. Add a “Dickey” in to a blazer for an elevated look, whether it be jean, leather, or hoodie zip up. Dress up your blazer with a midi dress, or pair it with a simple T-shirt and jeans. Shop all of our styles and fits to find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Black Dress

Everyone needs a classic black dress in their wardrobe. As fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed in a little black dress.” It’s the simplest way to make a big impact. From our favorite designers, like Anine Bing, Ulla Johnson, and Rhode, a style true to you is a must. This dress can, and should be in your wardrobe for years.

The Perfect Tee

Black or White, V-Neck or Crew? You can never have enough perfect tees in your wardrobe. Splurging on a high-quality tee that will last through all your wears is important. Find the perfect cotton tee from our favorite brands at Azure like ATM, Anine Bing, or Laszlo.

White Button-Up Blouse

A button-up can elevate any outfit for an effortless look. It’s a certified classic that never goes out of style. Whether it is fitted or oversized, one is calling your name. Silk and other luxurious fabrics adds a level of sophistication when wanted. A well made blouse can carry you for years.


Denim is always a staple that you can rely on. Investing in a good pair of jeans that can work with many outfits is worth having in your closet. Understanding your shape and what suits you will help you find a perfect pair for years to come. Make sure to add a darker and a lighter wash to be ready for any occasion.

Once you have curated these items in your wardrobe, you’ll have the building blocks for creating classic look after look. Shop these items on our website or in store for any styling needs! What’s your favorite capsule-worthy fashion piece?


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