Jeans X Fall Trends

Jeans X Fall Trends

The fall season is here and we are getting a lot of amazing pieces at Azure! An absolute must for the fall season are jeans. So many styles and washes to choose from. In this post all about jeans, I will talk about some of the jean brands we have here at Azure, some denim trends for this fall and other fall trends to style with your jeans.


AG Jeans is a brand who focuses more on denim. Launched in 2000 AG jeans were created by Adriano Goldschmied (“godfather” of denim) and he partnered with Yul Ku. “At present, the brand is established as one of the global premium denim brands. AG grew to fame for its style as the jeans are cool and on-trend.” says 2018 Forbes article. AG Jeans are made in Los Angles. 2010 was the year that AG Jeans started using ozone technology which reduced the factory’s water consumption by 50%. They also use eco-friendly fibers in their jeans. AG Jeans are dedicated to making a difference, for example, their partnership Charity: Water. This is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people of developing countries. AG jeans come in many washes and chic styles each season, stop in and check them out. 


Frame Jeans in 2016 were said to be the fastest-growing premium denim brand in the U.S. The founder of Frame are Jens Grede and Erik Tortensson, they started Frame in 2012. This European aesthetic brand has the goal of becoming a complete lifestyle brand. Frame started with just one pair of jeans, their famous “Le Skinny”. The formula for these amazing jeans is a soft blend of cotton, elastane, and polyester. The jeans have a nice stretch and hold shape though wear. Frame denim offers an array of washes, cuts and distressing.


Founded by Jeff Rudes and launched in 2005 J Brand Jeans are the first denim company to introduce a skinny silhouette to the global market. Their current creative director is Donald Oliver. Jeff Rudes had the vision to create a jean that fits women perfectly. Around 2009 many celebrities in Los Angles were seen in J Brand which helped the popularity of J Brand Jeans. The Trasher and Zombie skinny jeans were sold out immediately, they were seen all over L.A. Although the dark wash skinny jean was the first pair to go through the roof in sales. All and all J Brand’s main goal is to remain authentic. 


Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard are two sister-in-laws who launched Veronica Beard in 2010. Veronica Beard’s is designed to make it easy to dress chic for the girl on the go. Their jeans have nice stretch fabric that makes wearing them comfortable and easy on the longer days. 


The innovators of the boyfriend jean Current Elliot was made by Emily Current and Meritt Elliot. Launched in 2008 this brand brings us previous jean styles with a modern flare. You can find one of their stores in Chicago! Current Elliot has jean sizes ranging from 23 to 32. Current Elliot gives us a casual American Style. 


I am in love with the denim trends this fall first, we have the wide leg pant. AG jeans and J Brand have amazing jeans in this particular style we have them here at Azure. These pants pair perfectly with heels, two-strap, stilettos, and mules. Another one is a platform sneaker or a regular sneaker. 70’s boot cut is another trend we are seeing this fall, Veronica Beard has a perfect 70s boot cut jean in a darker wash, pair these jeans with heels or even boots! Deep indigo is a trend on the rise this fall, its complementary color is orange (perfect for fall) so it would be so cute if you paired it with an orange shade sweater. Next, we have high waisted straight jeans, I love this trend, it is replacing the skinny jean slowly, it is seen on so many celebrities and fashion bloggers. There are many shoes you can pair with this jean, heels, sneakers, boots, platform sneakers! With the high rise straight jean try a sliming top, button-down, chunky sweater or even a light sweater (short sleeve or with a blazer over the shoulder, pair with a knot headband and you are ready for fall 2019! Lastly, we have the classic skinny jean the one that never goes out of style. J Brand and Blank NYC are perfect brands to look into when buying skinny jeans.


Here are some examples of Fall 2019 trends that you can wear with your jeans this year! First off we have a plaid blazer. A classic, you can find many of these from Veronica Beard which we carry in-store. Underneath pair with a turtle neck, a fall colored dress, wear a button-down and place the blazer over your shoulders for a chic look. Leopard print (pssst we have an amazing Veronica Beard leopard jacket in store right now) has been seen on the runway for fall/winter 2019/2020 from Versace, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Jaquemus. A leopard blouse to go with your jeans, a long overcoat, or show it off with your shoes or bag. Just because summer is over does not mean that the bright colors have to leave too. Neon is a new trend this fall seen from Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Off-White. Whether it is a neon coat, neon heels, dress, or sweater this chic trend will brighten up your day as well as the people around you. You can never go wrong with a long coat for the fall, this trend is here again! Perfect match with your jeans, underwear something light or on the cooler days this pairs it with a short sweater underneath. Some shoes to wear this fall with your jeans are snakeskin boots/heels, ankle wrap pumps, platform boots, and floral boots. All on-trend this season, perfect with a pair of jeans. Lastly I just wanted to let you know the colors for NYFW fall/winter 2019/2020, first, we have chili red, biking red (which is a merlot color) and then Creme de Peche which is a light peach. You can find these colors and more information on Pantone's website, I will leave a link below. 


We love jeans here at Azure, come check out our jean bar! We also have so many amazing pieces to pair with your favorite fall jeans. 


Here is the link to the fall/winter 2019/2020 color trend report:


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