So it is finally starting to cool down, fall is here! Time to pack all the summer clothes away and get out all of our jackets. When living in Wisconsin we like to splurge on jackets because of the cold. We have jackets for the snow, heavier everyday winter jackets, jackets for the rain, nicer ones for going out, different colors and jackets with all different layers to keep us warm. Here are some jacket trends for this fall and winter, along with some amazing jacket brands we have at Azure.

Here are some jackets that are on-trend fall/winter 2019/2020, first we have the classic trench coat, seen on the runway from designers like Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, and Valentino. Another trend is fluffy/puffer coats. I am so excited about this trend, I always think of Apparis Jackets we have here at Azure. There are so many ways to style this but a basic look can be with straight jeans and heels or boots. We saw the fluffy coat style of jacket from Each x Other, Stella McCartney, and Michael Kors. Camel color jackets are on-trend as well. We currently have this amazing camel colored long jacket at Azure, it is so pretty, it is by Generation Love. Long Jackets, in general, have been on trend this season also, or even long and oversized. As seen on the runways this season from Max Mara, Balenciaga, and Burberry are just some examples. These are just a couple of trends this season to keep in mind when shopping for a jacket this fall and winter.

When shopping for a jacket there are so many options, one option is collar versus no collarless jackets. Collarless is chic and personally reminds me of the classic Chanel tweed jackets. It is a style statement and yet the collarless look is refined. Typically rounded neckline and can be seen as slimming as it shows the length of your neck since there is no collar. Although the collar look on jackets is classic. Collars come in different shapes and sizes depending on the style of the jacket. Depending on the collar you can pop them up for a different vibe or style them differently.

We have two brands here are Azure who's line is specifically jackets, Apparis and Makage. The New York-based brand Apparis was co-founded by Amelie Brick and Lauren Nouchi. The names of the jackets are named after women they adore, fashion-icons, co-workers and mentors. Apparis is environmentally conscious, vegan, and 100% PETA approved. It is hard to choose the perfect jacket with many styles, colors and prints to choose from. I am personally a big fan of this brand. Next, we have Makage, Eran Elfassy founded Makage in 1999, then added a partner in 2001. They bring your fall and winters a clean, classic, chic look when wearing their jackets. They have a mission to have a unique balance between function and fashion in their outerwear. Jackets are made with down, fine feathers along with wool to make the perfect jacket for a Wisconsin winter.

Stay warm this fall and winter but make it chic. Jackets come in all styles, sizes, and colors. So come in and find your perfect jacket at Azure.
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