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Sunglasses are not only perfect for bright, sunny days, but can also make a huge fashion statement. Finding the right frame and style will not only enhance your features, but elevate your style. Ready to find the perfect pair? Follow along to find what suits you best!

First, let’s figure out your face shape. Is it round, square, oval, or heart? To do this, pull your hair back and take a good look at your cheekbones, jaw line, and face length. The widest part of your face usually indicates your face shape.

Take a peek at our photos to best help you find the perfect frames. We’ve laid out some examples to make it easy to find what suits you. We’re going to want to choose frames that contrast the geometry of your face shape.

Round (widest across the cheekbones, more narrow at forehead and jawline)

Try: Square, Oversized, or Cat Eye Sunglasses

These will add definition to your face. Try to avoid soft lines and rounded edges.

Square (strong jaw, wide forehead, and wide cheekbones)-

Try: Aviator, Browline, or Round Sunglasses

Circular frames with soft lines will soften your features.

Heart (narrowest point is at jawline)

Try: Cat-Eye, Browline, or Retro Square Sunglasses

The most flattering frames mimics the shape of your face. These will highlight your best features! If you have smaller features, choose a smaller and thinner frame. If you have more dramatic features, you can go for the thicker and larger frames!

Oval (longer than it is wide)

Try: Aviator, Retro Square, oversized frames

These are typically wider, which helps to balance the length of your face. These will give the illusion of more width from cheekbone to cheekbone.

Keep in mind, these are just suggestions, wear what you feel most empowered in! Frame style and design are more of a style choice than anything. Look for sunglasses that fit your eyewear as this will give you the most flattering size and protection from the sun. Width is rough as wide as your face and the height is rough from the center of your eyebrows to 2/3rds down your nose.

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