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Finding your own style is an evolving and ever changing journey. In this article, we’ll guide you on determining what you want your style inspired to be. Let’s start out with the differences between fashion and style. Fashion is the way of trendy dressing during a specific era. Style is personal and how an individual expresses themselves through clothing, accessories, and how they complete their look.

Seek Inspiration

Start noticing things that catch your eye. A good way to collect ideas and inspirations is creating a vision board or a Pinterest board. Start noticing trends in the colors, silhouettes, and outfit combinations that you gravitate towards.

Reflect On Your Closet

Take a closer look at the pieces in your wardrobe and think about the items you want to add or remove. It will help you determine what you have and what you wear the most. Think about the pieces that make you happy and why they make you feel good.

Work On Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

An item or several items that you’ll wear often, can style with many outfits, and fits in perfectly with your wardrobe is a staple. Figure out these key pieces, and others that you’d like to add, to have the perfect building blocks for your wardrobe that represents your style. Check out this article: Must-Have Items in Your Wardrobe for our recommendations of your capsule wardrobe.

Create a Wishlist

Wishlists are important to make more thoughtful purchases instead of impulse ones. Take time to think on it, save for it, and find the perfect item.

Remember, you don’t have to have one definitive style. Personal style is more about what clothing makes you feel most like yourself. It can evolve over time as your interests and lifestyle do. Most of all, have fun with your style!


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