Fall Closet Refresh

Fall Closet Refresh

The seasons are changing which means it is time to update your wardrobe! Follow along as we walk you through how to detox your closet, build out your basics and add our fave seasonal trends for the perfect fall wardrobe.

1. Store Summer Pieces 

First things first, go through and pull out any summer pieces still in your closet, like denim cut offs and sundresses, that you won’t be wearing until next year (or on vacay). Pro Tip from Shanna: Store off-season pieces in bins to save on space in your closet and to make it easier to put together fall looks each morning! 

2. Say Goodbye

Now, go through and pull out any pieces you definitively know you want to get rid of. Think items you never wore last year or trendy pieces that no longer fit your style. Pull them out and separate into piles or bins based on what you want to donate, sell or throw away (if damaged beyond repair).

3. Take Inventory

Once you’ve packed away your summer items and pulled any pieces you’re ready to part with, it’s time to hone in on your current fall pieces! Take inventory of the staples you have. Run through the list below to make sure you have theses essential fall pieces:

Take note of the staple pieces you’re missing and add to your fall shopping list. Then, continue to build out your wardrobe with any trending pieces you love and want to add this season. Some of our fave fall trends include:

  • Vibrant Colors
  • Comfy Sets
  • Neutral, Chunky Sweater
  • Army Green
  • Textured/Leather Pant
  • Plaid

Now you know exactly what pieces, both basics and trends, to shop for this fall to ensure you’ll always find the perfect outfit each morning!

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