DRCT Fashion FAQ's

DRCT Fashion FAQ's
DRCT fashion is an all-access pass to try new contemporary cutting-edge styles right from the comfort of your home. Having a delivery service that takes the in-store shopping experience right to your home is truly a game changer. You can try on our latest styles right in front of your own mirror, see how curated pieces look with clothes in your wardrobe, and you can save yourself time! Keep and pay for only what you love and we'll pick up the rest! What is not to love?
We are here to answer the most frequently asked questions we get about DRCT fashion. 
1.     Do I need to come in the store to participate in DRCT Fashion?
You do not need to come in. You can sign up right on our DRCT Fashion website! The website will direct you with instructions on how to sign up!
2.    How long does it take to sign up for DRCT Fashion?
Signing up for DRCT fashion is super quick and easy on our website. Just answer a few short questions about your style and a stylist will be in touch with you to help create your own personalized delivery of goodies!
3.    Is there a fee for DRCT Fashion? 
There is not - DRCT Fashion is a completely complimentary service! You only pay for the pieces you keep. How easy is that?
4.    How often can I receive a DRCT Fashion delivery?
As often as you want! Many clients enjoy weekly deliveries to keep up with our latest arrivals and to snag their size before extra special pieces sell out. Others love monthly deliveries to keep their wardrobe fresh with seasonal updates. YOU decide when you would like a delivery to make a truly customizable program that fits your life and wardrobe needs!
5.    When do DRCT Fashion deliveries usually arrive? 
The majority of our DRCT Fashion deliveries are made on Tuesdays. DRCT Fashion members receive personalized texts from our stylists on Mondays to get a preview of new items available for drop off the following day. We then pick up any try-ons that didn't work out on Wednesday mornings. However, if you have a special occasion or urgent need for a specific piece we are more than happy to accommodate!
Feel free to DM us on social or call/text us at 920-347-2720 for any additional questions you might have! You deserve to have a chance to try on amazing contemporary clothing no matter how full your schedule is. Whether your hands are full taking care of kids or a busy work week, DRCT Fashion allows you to get your hands on the latest trends from your favorite brands!
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