Cashmere is a winter favorite for everyone. Cashmere is a soft divine fabric; these sweaters tend to be more expensive and you wish that they could last a lifetime. I am excited to share with you my knowledge of Cashmere and how to make it last forever!

Here are some tips on how to wash and care for your cashmere. First of all, you want to make sure that you shave your sweater regularly to prevent fuzzballs. At Azure, we have a perfect sweater comb in store for this material by The Laundress. Don't wash your sweater if you simply wore it for a day and it has no stains, just store it properly for the next wear. If you are washing your cashmere sweater in your washing machine use cool water and change the settings to delicates. Use a mild detergent or use a laundry soap like Woolite or Essence. To protect from snags you can also put your sweater in a mesh bag. To hand wash you can use baby shampoo or mild detergent. (Check out The Laundress Wool and Cashmere shampoo at Azure, this soap has a fresh smell and leaves natural materials feeling soft and free from any dirt and oils). Use cool water and have the cashmere soak for about 5 minutes or follow the instructions on the detergent bottle you are using. When drying never ring out your sweater, simply press out excess water and lay flat out on a towel to dry. To store make sure that it is out of sunlight and in a dry room away from moisture. You can put your sweater in a breathable bag but never put a cashmere sweater on a hanger. When storing away for the summer keep those things in mind but also wash before storing away for the season.

This luxury sweater is something every woman wants in her closet to feel the warm delicate material on her skin. Although it can come with a bit of a price. Cashmere is one of the most valuable and natural products this world offers. This material comes from cashmere goats which are found all over the world, although mostly in Asia. The demand for cashmere is much higher than the supply since these goats can only be sheered in spring. On average one goat provides 3 to 4 ounces of cashmere. The physical process for getting the cashmere ready is long. From sheering to separating and sorting the hairs. The Spring 2018 Business Insider gave the statistic that in 2016, about $1.4 billion worth of cashmere items were exported across the globe.

Azure has some great quality cashmere brands. A newer brand we now have in store is Brochu Walker, a Los Angles based brand that combines a California lifestyle and Parisian sophistication to make their clothing for confident, trendsetting women. Their clothing is made out of fine natural material to bring you soft delicate sweaters, cardigans, and loungewear for the winter. 360 Cashmere has been at Azure for a while and their edgier collection Skull Cashmere. Their clothing is inspired by the designers' New York upbringing and a West Coast lifestyle with a casual yet dramatic look. Another cashmere brand at Azure is Brodie Cashmere, designed in England and made in Mongolia they use raw cashmere in each one of their products. We also have White and Warren, this brand is blending innovative and classic. They source their cashmere from herders in Mongolia as well. This brand makes knitwear for women of all ages, wanting all women to feel and look good. They are also environmentally conscious, White and Warren are finding new ways to create less waste.

Stop in at Azure and find the perfect cashmere piece for you this season.
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