New Year, Healthier Mindset

Posted by Sam on Jan 17th 2019

Happy Belated New Year! 

We are so excited to be hosting our first ever Boss Babes event. Our Boss Babe series will showcase the many amazing, local business women! Our first event will be starring Jen Berres of Jenstar Yoga and Nicole Lindquist of Bona Fide Juicery! 

The event will be held at Azure, on January 31st, from 6 pm - 8 pm! Jen and Nicole will share their inspiring journey to success, along with the best way to set goals and get a fresh start for the new year! There will be green juice, great conversation, and 10% off your purchase at Azure that night! 

Check out my major goal making tips. 

1. Shoot for the stars.. reasonably.

- Goals are so important. They give us direction, something to strive for, and ultimately, they give us a purpose! We should all challenge ourselves to be better and happier in all aspects of our lives. When writing goals, you should definitely shoot for the stars but keep it attainable. At the end of the year, you want to be able to say that you completed your goals. So when the next year rolls around, you can set new, more challenging goals. 

2. Watch your wording. 

- Make 2019 the year that you start speaking to yourself in a positive, uplifting way. We tend to be harder, and more judgmental on ourselves which has a major negative impact on our lives. For example, instead of saying 'lose 20 pounds,' try wording it in a way that makes you feel inspired and excited about meeting your goal. A good way to deal with weight goals is to skip the numbers and instead try something like, 'feel confident and comfortable with my body.' Keep this in mind when writing all of your goals. They should be a reflection of your best self and something that you look forward to working on each day! 

3. Find a balance.

- Your goals should be a mixture of serious and FUN! Make a goal to have a self care day once a month, or whatever it is that feels like an extra special treat to you. If your goals have a good balance between personal and professional, your year will also hold that same balance!