Posted by Sam on Jan 10th 2019


January is arguably the best month of the year.

Definitely no thanks to the snow, freezing temperature, or horrible driving conditions.

But mostly due to four little words, SEMI ANNUAL CLEARANCE S A L E.

Check out some of my sale tips.


Major sales only happen twice a year, summer and winter. So when you’re in the middle of winter it's so easy to dismiss a bright, fun tank top because UM HELLO? Who needs a tank top in Wisconsin in the middle of winter?! Well, the answer is.. YOU. You’ll be thanking yourself when you realize you purchased the perfect summer top on sale for $36 versus $145. It's all about perspective. 


Okay, now you have two options of where to go next. You can either embrace the summer top and integrate it into your cold weather wardrobe OR put it away for later. If you choose to put it away, keep the item in tissue paper and tuck it away with the rest of your spring/summer clothing. When the season comes you’ll have a great new piece to add to your wardrobe and the peace of mind that you got it for 75% off! (Just don't forget it's there when the time comes around.) If you decided to integrate the tank top, throw a cardigan over it and pair it with your favorite jeans and heeled boots or throw a basic tshirt underneath it with a skirt and tights. Everything has a purpose! 


The sale rack is the best time to push your fashion limits. Let’s say your closet is filled with mostly black and grey… but you’ve had your eye on this wild bright, patterned dress. A couple months go by and it finally hits the sale rack. NOW IS THE TIME! It’s way easier to take a risk when you know you’re spending only half of what you would if you bought it full price. It’s necessary in fashion, and life, to take risks and to do something that might make you feel uncomfortable. Buy that wild sale dress and wear the sh*t out of it!