Bye Bye Snow

Posted by Sam on Jan 31st 2019

It's vacay season! 

And with warm weather comes something a little more difficult.... packing

I am so excited for my vacation this year, even though it has a little bit of a work twist. I'll be spending one night in Los Angeles, two nights in Las Vegas, and three nights in San Diego. 

The trip consists of visiting show rooms in Los Angeles, attending Magic in Vegas, and visiting friends in San Diego. It's going to be a wild array of rushing through airports, obsessing over clothes, and  My mind has been spinning with thoughts of comfortable clothes, shopping clothes, Los Angeles style versus Vegas style, going out clothes, and fitting it all in just a carry on! 

If it were up to me, I'd travel with two large suitcases at all times. I like to be prepared for all scenarios which means I need at least 5 outfits for each day/night. 


AND STICK TO IT. If I could, I would travel with 2 big suitcases at all time. Obviously my travel plans don't permit that, and also it's probably just not necessary. The only problem is that when packing, my brain tends to make up all of these scenarios that make me feel like I need WAY more than I actually do. So my go-to is to make two lists before packing. One list that lays out my full trip itinerary, and a second list that describes what type of clothing/items I need along for this trip. I allow myself to make a "wish list" and when I'm done packing, I pick 3 items that I don't necessarily need, but want. 


Short and simple. When you're packing, plan out outfits for each day and take photos of them laid out. Not only will this ease your mind when getting ready in the morning but it will also maximize your vacation time!


 Like I am right now......