1,000 Wishful Additions to Our Spring Display

Happy March of 2016, A-Listers!

Can you believe we only have 9 days until the First Official Day of Spring?!

We are so excited to welcome in all of the bright color and patterns to Azure after the bitter cold, winter season.

You may have noticed that our spring display has made its way into the store front window.

The Gals at Azure would love to tell you all about our inspiration for the 1,000 paper, origami cranes that float peacefully in the window waiting for A-Listers, like yourself, to wander in!


So, it is traditionally believed that if one folded 1,000 paper cranes they would receive one wish that was destined to come true!

 It has also historically symbolized hope and healing during new beginnings.

Now-a-days, these paper cranes are given as a gift to somebody to wish them a thousand years of happiness and prosperity!

The Gals at Azure decided that we would love for our beloved boutique to have a thousand years of happiness and prosperity…I mean who wouldn’t, right? 😉

We hope that by hanging these beautiful paper cranes in our windows we might bring good fortune and longevity to Azure and its loyal shoppers!


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Instagram: @azurewi

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Until next time…

xoxo, Azure gals

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